Make a living in creative ways

Everyone is creative in their own right, whether an accountant or a florist. Once I changed my state of mind, I began to meet beautiful people with a wealth of knowledge and creativity.

Those sentence taken from etsy blog, on posting of it : “Creativity is Contagious”

Aku pingin hidup tidak hanya stuck dg pekerjaanku yg sekarang yg cenderung membunuh creativity.. aku ingin suatu saat nanti dapat make a living dengan making something with my own two hands … i love crocheting, i love knitting, i love fabric crafting, i love beading, i love paper craft… i love all the things that have something to do with crafting… i mean i can smile, laugh and have so many ideas through surfing so many crafting website ,,, and i guess,, i mean i’m sure ,, those are my PASSION ,,, YES those are my passion.

Please Lord, if You show me this is my way for my future , , , , help me please. I wanna create something which is beautifull and usefull in a reasonable price, i wanna be an entepreanur in crafting area.

So many ideas in my brain, just wanna make it come to be something real that all of you can see, can touch, can buy ^o^

First of all, i wanna have a dig-cam, i wanna capture all my creation.

Bless me Lord