Where would you be in ten years ?

I am in a home that I made with my future husband. Many trees grow around us. Not in the deep mountains, but not too far away from a city. Maybe there is a lake nearby. I grow vegetables and herbs in a small garden in the yard. I practice yoga professionally. With my spare time, I bake bread and make soap. I share what I make and grow with the people around me. While I work, my partner is reading and writing books in his own library. Sometimes our friends will come to our place. I will certainly serve some beautiful, homemade brownies for them.

Nemu this vision dari salah satu postingan blognya etsy
Di sini bisa dibaca lengkapnya

so inspiring dech,,, sangat terperinci, sangat mendetil dan gueeee bangets dehhhhhh
Tapi kalau gue , bagian make soap diganti dengan make jewelry and doing crochet and doing knitting.

Oh iya tambah lagi , i will have 2 kids, i’ll take care of them, mengarahkan mereka untuk cinta Yesus, and to be kind to all human kind,
cook for them everyday, healthy food of course, i also will grow vegetables, nourish some chickens, goats, and rabbits and i’ll have 2 dogs.

farmer family ,,,,,,,, hmmmmmm, that would be so nice.