Lately i realize that this place is no more a cool place to stay.

So many things I’ve been watching, so many circumstance have been happening… Gee, make me realize that I’ve been too long staying in this comfort zone.

I pray a lot that I can move on , but the implication of my prayer sometimes is such a difficult things, a kind of conflict with that person, being misunderstood by them. But i have to keep move on, i have to pursue this dream, i have to stick to the process, and keep trusting My Dear Lord. That everything happen for reason.

Jesus please help me … i wanna contribute more !!

I saw some character from TV, they are so creative,  they live their live in such a beautiful way, helping others, empowering others, inspiring others, touching others life, they live their life  in such a simple way, but their works, their contributions are not simple at all ,,, They are so great !!!

I wanna be one person who contribute a little bit more for others