If It Doesn't Feel Right, Then Don't


And then we meet, after a long long time.

And then we talk for a couple weeks

and then we fight, but i thought we have already reconcile.,

but then you ignore me… do you ???


Well, it’s okay. We choose who are our friends, aren’t we ? Just like i do…I just make a few circle of best friends, the ones that I trust, to whom i can tell the story of mine… I take you as one of those few ones, a friend to whom i talk a deep conversation.

Maybe you don’t want to reveal another story of yours. You afraid of my telling story of you to others. Heyyy you know I’m not that kind of person. I just keep your story for me and my Lord, you know.

I talk to HIM a lot about you lately. I tell HIM my feeling about you. I feel so sorry for you, for your circumstances, for your darkest times, for all the things that has happened to you, that make you to be who you are right now.

I’m offering you a real friendship, not the fake one, not the kind of “friendship with advantages”. I’m offering you a friendship which is based on trust, on truth,on sincerity, on that value that you don’t believe anymore.


But if you can’t take it, well, it’s okay then.

If you feel it isn’t right for you, then don’t. Doubt means don’t


Jesus bless you, my friend 🙂


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