Inspiration !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Aku baca posting blog Etsy yg satu ini,, bikin hatiku bergetar … so inspiring.

Satu hal yang menggetarkan itu, bunyinya seperti di bawah ini :

Dive in and follow your heart. Make sure your heart is leading and not your desire or need to make money. Do what you love first, and the money will follow. It really doesn’t work the other way around. I see people who seem to frantically run around trying to find the “thing” that is popular and trendy that will make them money. There is no cohesiveness in their product line, no heart, nothing of themselves invested personally, and that ends up being unattractive to potential customers. Be true to yourself.

My God, how i really want to make the entrepeaneurship to be my next destination.
Help me Lord,, sometimes the path to this destination is not such an easy way … tapi ya memang harus dilewati ,, harus dilalui, dan aku percaya Tuhan ku jalan bersamaku melewati semua ini.
Help me Lord, I need You .