My mom is so lonely

heartbreakingly beautiful post ….


“You’re staying overnight, right?” my mom asks.

I shake my head no, for the fifth time. I just got here an hour ago, and that’s all she can talk about.

My mom wants nothing more than to go to bed with me in her apartment and wake up to find me there.

“I wish you could come live with me,” she says. “But that will never be.”

She’s so lonely. Everyone in her life, everyone she can remember, is gone — her brothers and sisters, her mother. I’m her steadfast connection to family, the person she’s closest to. My presence comforts her because it tells her she’s not completely alone. But I’m never there enough, and not for long enough. She spends so much of our time together lamenting the fact that I will leave. Soon. Always too soon.

“You never stay overnight,” she says.

I try to change the…

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