the convo of Rory & Paris

How do you know if the guy is right for you ?

You just feel it

All i feel is my back breaking out

You will know, okay…
you just have to let it happen,
and then probably when you’re not looking,
you’ll find someone who compliments you

Meaning ?

Someone who likes what you like,
someone who reads the same books,
or listens to the same music,
or like to trash the same movie,
someone “compatible”


But not so compatible that they ‘re boring

Someone compatible, but not so compatible

Yeah kind of.
I mean you’re kind of expect each other ‘s opinions,
and you can laugh at the same jokes
but I do know there’s just something
about not knowing
what the other person’s gonna do all the times
that’s just really exciting

Look, just have a good time,
you’ll figure it out

Yeah , well I hope I’ll figure it out fast,
before I throw up