Afraid to speak up? How To Be Assertive Through Faith

Prayer For Anxiety

How to be assertiveHow many times has it happened to you? You wish you had stood up for yourself or someone else. Then later you beat yourself up about how things should have been. A quiet personality is not bad, but silence based on fear is not healthy. Your faith can show you how to be assertive in a manner that psychology alone cannot offer.

Assertiveness Is Based On Confidence

If you are not assertive, you might be afraid of something. It might be a fear of rejection, conflict, criticism or making mistakes. Some people are overly assertive, and this is also a fear based reaction. Aggressive or pushy people deep down are insecure so they harm others to get their way.

Healthy Levels Of Assertiveness

If you are confident, you are not afraid to speak your mind. Healthy assertiveness isn’t looking to put others down or gain position, but instead you speak…

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