How to find peace

When we do not have peace, it means we are not at peace with God,,,

Prayer For Anxiety

How to find peace Your faith will set you free

Isn’t it what we really want after all? We just want to be at peace. It seems like in today’s world it’s harder and harder to find the peace we desire. Let’s find out why.

The Empty Promise

The power of the world offers us promises. Science, technology, government and global organizations all attempt to offer the promise of peace and prosperity. Today, we see more than ever how short the world falls from keeping this promise. For every developmental advance we seem to take many steps backward at the same time.


We often look towards others to find the peace we seek. Even the most trustworthy person, however, will eventually let you down in one way or another. In many ways our mistakes define us, and this is part of being human. So it doesn’t work when we heap a burden of…

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