Here’s What Kim Kardashian’s Nude Photos Teach Us About Society

James Michael Sama

By now, you are probably aware of the nude photos that Kim Kardashian recently had put on the cover of Paper Magazine. I am not going to post them in this article – if you want to see them, they are easy to find.

Anytime something like this arises and there is a little (or a lot) of backlash from the public, people tell us to stop talking about it. “Just don’t mention it, that’s what she wants.”


I think this is missing the point of what is being said. Just because there are conversations and attention swirling around an event, does not mean that good or the intended kinds of attention are being brought to it.

We should be talking about these photos, because not only have we [as society] made this possible in the first place, but it is coming back around and messages are being sent to…

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