5 Powerful Reasons You Deserve A Happy Relationship

Never let anyone define your value for you. That’s why it’s called “self” worth – it’s up to you, not them.

We accept the love we think we deserve.

It is time that someone told you what you deserve: Happiness.

James Michael Sama

Sometimes, we tend to get down on ourselves. Things may not be going our way. Maybe you are facing challenges at work. Maybe you wish you were in better shape. Maybe you are not where you want to be in terms of a relationship or building a family. Maybe you thought you would be ‘further along’ in life by the age you are now.

For some, it is hard to accept being “deserving” of happiness. Deserving of a good man or woman in life. Deserving of actually being treated with love and respect. When we begin to have these thoughts, we have to step back and put things in perspective. We have to look in the mirror and the person whom we have worked so hard to become, and understand that we do deserve happiness.

Here are five reasons you should never settle for less than the best life…

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