Where I Slept

I slept with eyang uti , last night,,, dan beliau bangun dlm keadaan sudah pipis duluan (ngompol),,, bahasa kerennya ‘inkontinensia urin’ ,sampai 4 kali,,, and i’m afraid that she has more serious health problem, :'(:'(:'(:'(:'(

Teri Carter's Library


I’m staying at my son’s house and sleeping here, right here in this photo.  My son is all grown up and, for the first time, I am a houseguest in my son’s house.  Wow.  How did he grow up so fast and how did this happen!?!?

I recently came across a visceral and so very real 2009 essay — Stephen Elliott’s “Where I Slept” — and it’s got me thinking about my current sleeping situation and all of the places I’ve slept.  Or tried to sleep.  Or faked sleeping.  Or lay awake ALL night craving sleep.  Or slept alone or with a man or with a friend or on a friend’s couch or with my grandmother or with my dog.  The times I used to sleep with my mother when we only had one bed.  When I was really little I liked to sleep in small, confined spaces, like under…

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