Should I Take Medication For Anxiety?

Jesus Christ is the Great Physician. Go to him frequently. It takes an effort, but the rewards will go far beyond anything you can imagine.


Prayer For Anxiety

Should I take medication for anxiety Where are you putting your faith?

Your heart races or you’ve got a knot in your stomach. Or your mind gets clogged with worry. You feel nervous, powerless and afraid. These are common symptoms of anxiety. Should you take medications for this problem?

Causes and Treatments

There are many potential causes of anxiety such as traumatic life events, health problems or economic hardship. Chronic stress can also lead to anxiety. Many times, however, the cause might not be so clear. Mainstream healthcare often overlooks potential spiritual causes of anxiety.

There’s a whole host of treatment options available including psychotherapy, relaxation techniques and alternative or herbal remedies. Medications are also commonly used – but should you resort to pills or not?

Do they really work?

Billions of dollars are spent every year for the treatment of anxiety, and a large portion of this goes towards medications. Many studies support the…

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