Nyuwun tulung

Baru isi : Are You an Empowered Introvert Test dari web #lonerwolf

Dan hasilnya bisa liat di link di bawah :

hasil test are you an empowered introvert

Nihhh, gw cuplik dikit kalimatnya

In a society where being quiet is associated with being “dangerous,” “suspicious,” “stupid,” “uninteresting,” “antisocial” and many other harmful images, it can be hard to navigate through life in a balanced and harmonious way as an introvert……

Well,,, experiencing “being missunderstood for being an introvert” …. So many times,,

And it hurts sometimes,, tp kadang gw ignore sajah… Sok ajah mangga mau missunderstood gw for being introvert…

Tapi untuk situasi yg satu ini ,,, kalau disalahpahami, bisa jadi bakal berada di posisi yg sulit…

Gusti,,, nyuwun tulung…. Kulo nyerah:'( ,,, pasrah dumateng lelampahan Gusti…
Nyuwun kuat, tabah, and most of all,,, kasih karunia saking Gusti Yesus…..

Amsal 23 : 18 #notetoself

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