Dealing With Mistakes? Check Your Reactions

 Only those who have fallen can understand others who fail.

Prayer For Anxiety

Dealing with mistakes Find freedom from self-defeat.

Everybody makes mistakes. How we react to our mistakes makes a big impact upon our lives and how we grow. Failure can be the source of deep anxiety or despair. But failure also contains a chance for great hope. There are at least three different ways for dealing with our mistakes, and each one provides us with valuable lessons.

Who Me?

One of the most common reactions to failure is denial. When we fall into this trap we’re just sticking our heads in the sand. This type of behavior limits our growth and understanding because it leads us to believe in a lie. What’s the lie? That we don’t make mistakes. The deeper problem might be that we think we aren’t allowed to be wrong.

So we shield ourselves in a thick layer of pride, but deep inside we are hurt and afraid. In some cases this…

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