Check out my other site: it’s called: Louisely room .
It’s my third blog.
one thing that i wanna do is decorate a room. i love browsing all the web that have something to do with decorating rooms/ house
and from now on, i will capture the ” before and after ” re-decorating, re-arrange, or re-organizing the rooms
actually i will begin with my room , it’s not big , but it’s not small either 4 x 5 square with a small bathroom… let’e called it “kamar kerja” 🙂
sometimes it’s a mess when i’m doing my crochet & knitting or wire beading project. tampak seperti kapal pecah wkwkwkw 😀 , benang , jarum brayein, hakken, juga manik-manik,kawat dan tang di mana-mana 🙂 . kadang kalau sudah malam , ngantuk dan capek setelah doing the project, langsung tidur ajah, tanpa beresin yang pabalatak tadi ^^ , kalau lagi mood ya diberesin , kalau lagi malas ya ditinggal begitu saja . jadi harap maklum kalau suka males beberes 😀
dan saya berharap, dengan membuat blog ini saya makin rajin beberes kamar kerja saya, karena saya punya kewajiban untuk capturing the “before and after ” redecorate, rearrange, and reorganize 🙂
this blog will include the DIY (do it yourself ) project, the beautifull and usefull thing that i make my self yang akan memperindah kamar kerja saya.